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A director descended from the roof

Principal descended from the roof of a school for the first day of school (VIDEO)
bTV News
A private school director came down from the roof of a school to surprise his students. The non-standard approach was announced by Silvia Spasova on the platform


Big change at school. Parents furious – Society — News Standard standartnews.com
September 15 came with a big change in the schools. At the same time, the innovation
it was not widely publicized and today it enraged parents en masse. The start of…

The youngest teacher: Why did 20-year-old Svetla return to school? bTV News
The youngest teacher: Why did 20-year-old Svetla return to school? More the first year as a student he began to replace his teachers from …

bTV check: It costs more than 400 BGN to prepare a first-grader for school
bTV News
In just two days, Boryana will cross the threshold of the school for the first time. IN
in the unknown world of the bookstore, her assistant is her mother. „So we’re…

A child was sent back from school because of Vivienne Westwood’s shoes (VIDEO) – Nova
New TV
However, this caused her problems at school – the child was sent back because of it
inappropriate shoes. As a result, the mother said she would move the child you are in…

When will the torture chamber finally become a school – Webcafe.bg Webcafe
Finally, we all wonder why kids hate school, their results from matriculation exams reach new lows every year (3.39 according to the Bulgarian average this year),
by …

At school after the flood: The classrooms in Tsarevo are undamaged and there are no
impassable roads
bTV News
Despite the flood, the school in Tsarevo is undamaged. Nicole will cross his threshold
for the first time. In addition to the backpack with aids, she has also prepared a greeting. „With …

Over 700,000 children went to school – Mediapool.bg
Over 700,000 children went to school on September 15. A little over 57 thousand of
they crossed the threshold of classrooms for the first time.

Influx at the military school in Dolna Mitropolia for helicopter pilots (photos)
The school partners with all air bases of the Air Force of
the Bulgarian army.

Over 700,000 children start school on Friday. Ministry of Interior: Let parents think
for …
24 hours
63 schools remain under renovation even after the first day of school. All textbooks up to 7
class will be uploaded to the digital backpack for days Parents to think …

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International cooperation in the strategic areas of higher education increasing the number of incoming mobilities of foreign scientists and experts in the higher school for the implementation of cooperation. Attracting…

Naval school welcomed Romanian cadets – Naval-Acad.bg
A maritime school welcomed Romanian cadets. Another group of cadets from Romania were welcomed to study at VVMU „N. Y. Vaptsarov“. They are arriving by …

Opening of the academic year 2023/2024 at MVBU
We marked the beginning of the new academic year 2023/2024 in the International graduate business school! Prof. Dr. Georgi Apostolov – Rector of the Ministry of Education, …

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