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20 films about math, mathematicians

20 films about math, mathematicians and math geniuses – Yardbarker Yardbarker
There are plenty of movies involving mathematical concepts and/or famous figures in the discipline — both real and fictitious.

Viral Video Of Man’s Mathematical Analysis Of Food Menu Grabs Swiggy’s Attention – NDTV
The subject of mathematics has a love-hate relationship with people. While some find the calculations fun and easy, for others, it is nothing less …

By the numbers: Newmarket Library hosts fun ‘Math in Drag’ book launch at Old Town Hall April 6
York Region News
Author Kyne Santos began teaching math in a fun way on TikTok during the pandemic.

It’s ‘a Passion, It’s Not Just a Paycheck’: Teachers’ Advice on Joining the Profession
Education Week
Fourth grade students have fun interacting in a math class taught by Helen Chan at South Loop Elementary School on Nov. … But it’s also rewarding, …

Math Majors Matter: The Problems with Stern’s Math Department – YU Commentator
YU Commentator
Yeshiva University does not offer interesting math electives that would prepare us for careers or graduate school, nor do they offer basic courses …

Obituary for Catherine Anne Wick – Star Tribune
Star Tribune
… math is hard. Tell them math is fun and exciting and interesting and buy them pie on Pi Day (3/14). Willwerscheid Funeral Home willwerscheid.com …

A hidden meaning in the Vans logo is blowing people’s minds – Indy100 Indy100
To make matters more interesting, the … math equation\u201d. — \uff24\uff52\uff4f\uff49 … „The fact that the Vans logo is actually a math …

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